Finance & Admin Services


The Trophy Club Administrative and Financial Services Department is committed to providing professional, accountable and strategic stewardship solutions that support the Town’s Vision, Mission, and Core Values. This mission is accomplished by ensuring transparent and sustainable financial practices and through the promotion of resident and employee engagement.  


  • Exercise fiscal discipline in all Town operations. 
  • Fostering a business-friendly environment.
  • Provide high-value technology and information services.
  • Provide strong internal and external marketing and communications.
  • Develop and retain a skilled workforce.


  • Protect the Town’s assets and resources by minimizing the internal and external exposures and associated risks.
  • Improve the budget process through software optimization.
  • Promote competitive compensation and benefits to help recruit and retain employees
  • Provide annual training and development courses to employees to ensure employees continue to learn and enhance their productivity.
  • Review, write and interpret policies and procedures manual while ensuring compliance with Federal and State guidelines.
  • Provide information to the media and work with department heads, elected officials and civic groups in town on a variety of communication, marketing, and advertising projects.


Administrative Support, Human Resources, Information Services, Communication & Marketing, Finance


  • The Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting for the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) from the Government Finance Officers Association for the past five consecutive years.