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TC Alerts is the mass notification system that the Town of Trophy Club uses to keep you informed about emergencies, weather alerts for Denton and Tarrant Counties, and other important notices within the community.

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About the Service:

TC Alerts works through CivicReady and is used to communicate important messages regarding the safety and/or welfare of the community. Examples include water service emergencies, lost children or seniors, and hazardous situations that impact the safety, property, or welfare of our residents and businesses. 

This service allows Town officials to send out emergency notifications by phone, text, email, and other contact methods quickly. In addition to notifications related to emergency situations, residents, businesses, and other community members can also choose to receive non-emergency notifications about community events, activities, and important updates. Those who opt-in to receive non-emergency messages may choose whether to receive messages by phone, email, and/or text message

It is important to know these notifications will be sent with information as the information is released.  These notifications will NOT be sent on a scheduled weekly / bi-weekly / monthly basis (i.e. every Friday), they are sent in real-time.

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Available Notification Groups Include:

  • Mayor & Council News
    This group sends notifications such as "Moments with the Mayor" blog updates, Town Council Meeting Recaps, and/or messages/information provided DIRECTLY from the Mayor and Council members, etc.
  • Meeting Schedule & Agendas
    This group sends notifications such as Town Council meeting reminders and agendas, etc.
  • Emergency Alerts
    This group sends notifications such as public safety alerts, weather event emergencies, and other emergency-related news.
  • Parks & Recreation News
    This group sends notifications such as park closures, community pool information, rec team sports dates, Trophy Club Park information, Park Board updates, etc.
  • TC News
    This group sends notifications such as news flash information, special event (day of) reminders, trash & recycling schedule changes, office/holiday closures, road construction notices, volunteer opportunities, election news, etc.
  • Weather
    These weather groups send notifications populated through NOAA and are preselected and automated for Denton and Tarrant Counties only.
    • Winter Storm Warning
    • Wind Chill Warning
    • Wind Advisory
    • Tornado Watch
    • Tornado Warning
    • Severe Thunderstorm Watch
    • Severe Thunderstorm Warning
    • Ice Storm Warning
    • Heat Advisory
    • Freeze Warning
    • Flood Warning
    • Flash Flood Warning
    • Extreme Wind Warning
    • Extreme Cold Warning
    • Excessive Heat Watch

Register with CivicReady and subscribe to receive the TC Alerts of your choice at

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. I am already a subscribed member but cannot remember how to login? 

CivicReady now uses the CivicPlus Platform login portal.  CLICK HERE for step-by-step instructions to reset your password.  

2. How do I know if I am already signed up? 

If you had ever entered your information in the TC Alerts system, your email will come up.  Just reset your password and follow the steps.  If you have NEVER ENTERED an email address, you will need to register as a new subscriber.

3. How do I edit my profile and preferences?

Once you have logged into the CividReady / TC Alerts system you will be able to select your preferences, settings, and more.  CLICK HERE for a step by step instruction guide on how to navigate your profile settings.  

4. How do I STOP getting text messages?

  • You can access your profile account and change your settings to eliminate text messages as a means of notification.
  • You can respond to the text message with “STOP<space>GROUP NAME”  so for example, if you would like to stop getting TC NEWS text messages you would respond with “STOP TCNEWS”.  This action will remove you from the text message list in that group.