We hope everyone enjoys this year's Fourth of July Celebration Fireworks event! Below is a short list of friendly reminders and suggestions for having the best possible experience at this year's festivities. If you have questions, please don't hesitate to contact the Town of Trophy Club!

DO - Bring a blanket to sit on!

DO bring blankets

DON'T - Bring a tarp to sit on!

DONT Bring Tarps

DO - Bring chairs to sit on!

DO Bring Chairs

DON'T - Bring tents that block people's views!

DONT bring tents

DO - Drink water & non-alcoholic drinks!

DO drink water

DON'T - Bring alcohol - IT IS NOT ALLOWED!

DONT bring alcohol

DO - Bring your friends and family!

DO Bring Friends

DO - Bring sunscreen and bug spray!

DO Apply Sunscreen and Bug Spray

DON'T Bring Pets - They may not like the noise!

DONT bring pets

DON'T - Forget to reapply both often!

DONT Forget to Reapply


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