CCPD Reauthorization and Detail Information

CCPDTrophy Club, TX (April 26, 2022) – Trophy Club voters will decide in May whether to renew the town’s Crime Control and Prevention District (CCPD) for twenty (20) years. A common funding mechanism used by cities throughout the state, the .25% sales tax revenue allocation provides funding for Trophy Club Police Department special programs, capital projects, vehicles and equipment.

The intent in forming the CCPD was to allocate funding from sales tax dedicated to the Trophy Club Police Department to make and keep Trophy Club a safe community. At the inception of the CCPD, Trophy Club was unranked on the SafeWise “Safest Cities in Texas” list and has risen in the rankings to become the #1 Safest City in Texas in both 2021 and 2022.  

CCPD Background:

A creation election for the CCPD allowing for the collection of a one-fourth of one percent sales tax was held in May, 2013. Proceeds from this sales tax may only be used for law enforcement programs and equipment as outlined in the Texas Local Government Code Chapter 363. State law also requires that a public hearing be held in relation to consideration of the proposed budget. The public hearing was held as part of the CCPD Board meeting on June 21, 2013, to discuss the FY 2013 and FY 2014 budgets. Action was taken to approve the initial CCPD budgets and then be submitted to Town Council for final approval.   

The law requires that the board have an annual audit to appraise the financial condition of the district by a third-party auditor. The district receives administrative support from the municipality. The Town of Trophy Club’s Finance Department has a complete set of financial statements presented in conformity with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) which are audited in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards by a firm of licensed certified public accountants. This is an annual process of which the Trophy Club CCPD is included in the audit in its appropriate role. These audits are available here.

CCPD Board:

Financial activities associated with the board are monitored and evaluated by seven appointed citizens. Any requested expenditure must be presented to the board for approval at public meetings prior to use of CCPD funds. The temporary board members considered and adopted a CCPD Two Year Plan in 2013 in accordance with Chapter 363 of the Texas Local Government Code to serve as a living document which outlined the CCPD’s initiatives and necessary funding before the election. The strategies outlined in the plan include to:

  • Enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the TCPD through development of a needs assessment and engaging engineering experts to plan and implement a new police facility.
  • Enhance the crime fighting capabilities of the TCPD through the acquisition of equipment and technology.
  • Increase the capabilities of the TCPD through increased staffing in specific areas.

Fund Utilization:

CCPD funding comes from a .25% portion of the 8.25% sales tax collected on all applicable sales within the town limits, the CCPD sales tax dedication will generate approximately $320,000 during the 2022 fiscal year which is funded by residents and non-residents alike. To achieve the same result from property taxes alone, the town would need an additional 1.6 cents per $100 of taxable value. The revenue generated by this .25% tax has allowed the Trophy Club Police Department to improve the efficiency and the level of service provided to the Town’s citizens. 

In 2018, five years later, voters approved a five (5) year continuation. Since that time Trophy Club has been ranked as:

  • #1 Safest City in Texas 2022 & 2021 – SafeWise
  • 2021 Top Ten Places to Live – AreaVibes
  • 2021 Trophy Club Citizen’s Survey Ranked 90% of Residents are Satisfied with Police Services 
  • Best Practices & Professional Standards 2022 & 2021 – Texas Police Chiefs Association

The CCPD funds have been used for the building of a new police building, inclusive of an animal control facility, the department’s accreditation programs, and the replacement of anticipated capital maintenance items. In addition, CCPD funds have also been used for items such as:

  • Technology purchases and replacements, including vehicles and a motorcycle
  • Body-worn and in-vehicle camera systems
  • Automated license plate readers
  • Electronic citation writers
  • Radio systems and mobile data terminals
  • Training for members of regional SWAT team
  • Salaries, uniforms, and training for department personnel
  • Lab Tests for Sexual Assaults
  • New vehicle purchases as needed
  • Special equipment purchases and maintenance
  • Federal and state mandated reporting

CCPD Budget:

Each year, revenue and necessary expenses are thoroughly evaluated, and a proposed budget is created. Since CCPD funds are needed in so many areas of police operations, a thorough evaluation is necessary to ensure funds are allocated where most needed. The CCPD budget is approved pursuant to Texas Local Government Code Chapter 363 budget process. The process includes a public hearing at a CCPD meeting, an approval at a CCPD meeting, a public hearing at Town Council, followed by an approval by Town Council. After complying with the Texas Local Government Code Chapter 363 process, the CCPD budget is approved as part of the overall Town budget. 

The Town of Trophy Club's approved full budget reports are as follows:

The CCPD’s approved budgets are as follows:

The CCPD's approved budget detailed reports are as follows:

A comprehensive breakdown of the budget including itemized CCPD expenditures; both current and prior years, may be found here.

CCPD Election:

With the CCPD allocation’s expiration on the horizon in 2023, members of the Trophy Club CCPD Board who manage the fund and make recommendations to Town Council for its annual budget have called for a reauthorization election as part of the May 07, 2022, ballot. The proposition will read as follows with voters prompted to vote “for” or “against”:

“Whether the Town of Trophy Club Crime Control and Prevention District should be continued for twenty (20) years and the crime control and prevention district sales tax should be continued for twenty (20) years.”

A twenty (20) year reauthorization is the maximum number of years allowed by the law, and the CCPD is approaching its tenth (10) year currently. With that, the CCPD Board as well as Town Council made the request to seek the twenty (20) year renewable allotment available. 

If the CCPD proposition fails, the Town of Trophy Club will lose approximately $26,000 a month in revenue and sales tax in Trophy Club will go to 8% at the end of the third quarter of FY 2022. The town will need another election to reallocate the .25% to either the general fund or another special fund. 

Early voting in the May election has begun and will run until May 03, 2022. Voters can verify their registration status and find other Denton and Tarrant County election-related information at the following locations:

For more information, please visit