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February 16, 2021 7:47 AM

Power Outage Update

Please understand, the Town of Trophy Club, nor any other city in Texas has any control or oversight of Oncor or ERCOT. Oncor is regulated by the Public Utility Commission (PUC) regarding its capital infrastructure, rate increases, and what it can and cannot do in any Texas city. We feel as helpless and frustrated as our residents. Trophy Club is trying to communicate and express how dire our situation is to both entities, but this message is coming from all of the cities in Texas. In the meantime, the Town of Trophy Club will continue to do what we can to help everyone get through this week.

Power Outage
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Latest Update:

February 19, 2021 12:42 PM

If your power has already been restored, it’s likely to stay that way. ERCOT has announced operations have returned to normal, and they are no longer asking for energy conservation meaning the rolling blackouts are over.

If you are still without power there is likely a failure in your system and you need to report it! Please report your outage by calling 888-313-4747, texting OUT to 66267, using the MyOncor app or visiting

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February 19, 2021 7:56 AM

ONCOR UPDATE- February 19, 2021- 8:00 AM:
As of this morning., there are approximately 27,000 remaining outages from the cold weather and lack of generation impacts experienced earlier this week. At the peak of the ERCOT directed load shed, more than 1.3 million customers were left without power. Oncor expects that a substantial amount of those remaining customers will be restored by this evening.

Personnel also continued working through the night to restore power to more than 19,000 customers impacted by an ice storm that blanketed Palestine, Lufkin, and Nacogdoches late Wednesday and Thursday, with 72,000 outages remaining. They expect the majority of storm restoration to be complete in these areas by early Sunday.

If you are still without power, please report your outage by calling 888-313-4747, texting OUT to 66267, using the MyOncor app or visiting Oncor greatly appreciates the continued patience of customers and recognizes the hardships faced throughout this statewide power emergency.

The low temperatures, hazardous road conditions, and residual impacts of controlled outages on equipment have complicated the restoration process, though personnel continues to work 24/7. In some areas, the damage has been identified within equipment such as transformers as a result of having to quickly power back up massive amounts of energy after the controlled outages concluded. While this damage may temporarily prevent the equipment from powering up every connected customer in the area, personnel will aim to restore as many as possible to provide relief while replacement equipment is being delivered and installed.

Because generation supply remained stable, ERCOT did not issue any controlled or rotating outages on Thursday – the first full day without a load-shed event since early Monday. Should generation conditions change, Oncor will continue to follow the direction of ERCOT.

February 18, 2021 7:58 AM

ONCOR UPDATE- February 18, 2021- 7:56 AM:
Yesterday, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas directed Oncor and other utilities to begin restoring power previously dropped from the electric grid. As a result of the increased generation and stable demand, Oncor has since been able to cease controlled, or rotating, outages.

As of 5:30 a.m. this morning, there are approximately 150,000 remaining Oncor customers without power. This is a result of damage from yesterday’s winter storm, previous winter weather and storm damage that could not be identified until the equipment was re-energized, and damage to electrical equipment caused by record-breaking low temperatures.

Oncor personnel will continue working 24/7 to restore power to these remaining customers. They recognize the hardships that this power emergency has caused for customers and communities. They appreciate their patience as they awaited the return of electric generation and protected the Texas electric grid.

Due to the large amounts of system activity surrounding power restoration, they expect it will take some time for our tracking systems to accurately reflect these updates in our outage map. In addition, they will continue to follow the direction of ERCOT should electric generation change and immediately take steps to inform customers of any updates.