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Posted on: October 4, 2021

TCPD Adopts New Camera Safety System

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UPDATE (October 20, 2021) - A Message from Chief Arata to Our Community:

Message from Chief ArataAs you may be aware, the Flock Safety Camera System was presented (June 23) to and approved (July 14) by the Crime Control Prevention District (CCPD) board as well as by Town Council in open session during the July 27, 2021 meeting.

First, I want to thank our Town’s leadership who continue to support our efforts in keeping Trophy Club safe. I’ve been the Chief of Police in Trophy Club for 7 years now and I take great pride in serving our community. I cannot convey enough how much it means having strong leaders who stand behind the police department and its officers in the turbulent world we live in now.

I also want to thank our citizens! Those who reached out and expressed their opinions and concerns regarding the Flock Safety Camera System deserve special thanks as well. We appreciate and invite ALL feedback, whether it be positive or negative, and encourage a strong dialogue with the community we serve.

There has been some consternations and concerns regarding the timing of this implementation and/or feeling that there was a deliberate lack of public awareness related to this system. Let me assure you: we always strive to be transparent in our processes and will continue to do so as we enforce the core values of our organization while protecting the freedom and privacy of our residents.  

  • I also understand that our citizens may fear for their loss of privacy with the Flock Safety Camera System. I would like to address this and clarify a few other pieces of misinformation that is being perpetuated online through various social media outlets.
  • The Flock Safety Cameras will be on the INBOUND lanes only, NOT the outbound lanes.  
  • The System will alert on-duty officers if a reported stolen car passes the camera.
  • The Flock Safety Camera System is a PASSIVE system, meaning, it is only accessed as needed, it is NOT a surveillance system. (Again, this is only used when needed.) 
  • The Flock Safety Camera System data is stored in a Flock offsite CONTROLLED Trophy Club file. The data will NOT be sold and will only be shared with other police departments as needed.  All inquiries into the system require credentials and justification. 
  • The Data is deleted after 30 days.
  • The Flock Safety Camera System is justified through crime reporting data from the last two years. 

2021:  23 reported vehicle burglaries 

2020:  42 reported vehicle burglaries Screen Shot 2021-10-20 at 3.25.20 PM

As your Chief, I want all of our citizens to feel safe, as they should, within this community.  I’m committed to accomplishing this through new and innovative programs such as the Flock Safety Camera System, as well as with the addition of others that can offer equal potential benefits in the future. I can assure you that this program is meant to benefit our citizens and not to harm their freedoms.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve Trophy Club.

- Chief Patrick Arata


UPDATE (October 13, 2021) - The publics comments and feedback regarding the Flock Safety Cameras have been heard and are greatly appreciated. To clarify, this item was presented (June 23) to and approved (July 14) by the Crime Control Prevention District (CCPD) board as well as by Town Council in open session during the July 27, 2021 meeting. Questions or concerns about this or any measure passed by Town Council are always welcome via:

Please find below links to available information / discussion during these meetings:

- Flock Safety Privacy FAQs -

- Flock Safety Camera News Release 10/4 -

- CCPD Minutes 6/23 -

- CCPD Meeting Audio 6/23 -

- CCPD Minutes 7/14 - Minutes waiting board approval for publishing

- CCPD Meeting Audio 7/14 -

- Council Packet 7/27 (@ page 112) - 

- Council Video 7/27 (@ 27:49) -


Trophy Club, TX (October 04, 2021) – The Trophy Club Police Department is joining the movement to add a new layer of safety to our town, as some of our fellow departments are doing within the DFW area. This new level of safety that we are adding is the Flock safety camera systems, which will be added to each entrance of Trophy Club.

The Flock Camera system is a fixed, pole mounted, license plate reader, camera system. This system captures the rear image of a car as well as the car’s license plate number. Then the system searches the national wanted database for stolen vehicle information or national alerts. The national alerts include the AMBER alert for taken children, the GRAY alert for missing senior citizens and the BLUE alert for threats to law-enforcement.

flock_safetyIf the Flock system identifies a vehicle that is listed in the national database, it will alert your Trophy Club police officers of the details immediately. If the vehicle license plate is not in the database, then no notifications are made, and the information is deleted from the system after 30 days.

If an incident happens in Trophy Club and the police department has a description of a vehicle that could have been involved, then the Flock system can be searched for a vehicle that would match the description. This search, however, would only show data going back 30 days. And would be with the understanding that only the rear of the vehicle and the license plate could possibly be recovered.

The police department will be posting the Flock information on the department website in the form of a Flock transparency page. This page will detail the number of license plate images captured every 30 days, the number of stolen vehicles identified, and how many times the officers reviewed the images in the system.

For more details, please refer to the Flock Safety website or ask your favorite Trophy Club police officer.

About Flock Safety:

Flock Safety built the first public safety operating system that helps neighborhoods, businesses, and law enforcement in 1200+ cities work together to eliminate crime, protect privacy, and mitigate bias. Pair devices that capture objective evidence and machine learning to create and deliver unbiased investigative leads to law enforcement. Our proprietary devices and cloud-based software reduce crime by +70%. MORE>>


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